NOTE: Pursuant to Section 38 of the Rules of the Board, you are hereby advised that if you are addressing the Board regarding a confidential dependency matter under the supervision of the Department of Children and Family Services, you are not to disclose any case identifying information which is made confidential under the provisions of Welfare and Institutions Code Sections 827 and 10850. You are further advised that such a matter is not within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board, that it is not within the power of the Board to alter the outcome of a court matter and that because of confidentiality laws, the Board may not comment on any such matter. You are requested to forward your comments in writing to the Director of the Children and Family Services Department, 425 Shatto Place, Los Angeles, CA 90020.

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Agenda Items


S-1. Public Health Order
1-D. Second Supplemental Spending Plan of the CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund
2-D. Disposition of Los Angeles County Development Authority-Owned Property for Bright Futures Childcare Center in West Athens
3-D. Redevelopment of the Lincoln Elementary School Site and Adjacent Los Angeles County Development Authority Property in Unincorporated Willowbrook Agreement
1-P. Grant to the Los Angeles Conservation Corps to Improve Recreational Opportunities in High and Very High Need Park Areas
1. Hearing on the Los Angeles County Library Facilities Mitigation Fee Funds Year-End Report and Capital Improvement Plan
2. Hearing on Appeal of Project No. 2019-002824-(3), for the Construction of a Wireless Communications Facility in the Unincorporated Community of the Santa Monica Mountains Coastal Zone
3. Hearing on Appeals of Project No. 2019-002715-(3), for the Construction of a Wireless Communications Facility in the Unincorporated Community of the Santa Monica Mountains Coastal Zone
4. Hearing on Appeal of Project No. 2018-003928-(5), for the Conversion of a Single-Family Residence to a Childcare Center in the Unincorporated Community of Altadena
5. Hearing on Project No. R2013-02756-(1), for the Continued Operation of a Hospital in the Unincorporated Community of East Los Angeles
6. Hearing on Project No. 2017-003501-(3), for the Santa Monica Mountains North Area Plan and Community Standards District Update
7. Hearing on Project No. R2014-00285-(5), for the Development of Residential Lots in the Unincorporated Community of Santa Clarita
8. Appointments to Commissions/Committees/Special Districts
9. Appropriate and Authorize Expenditure of Homekey Operating Subsidies for Use at Properties Acquired by the Homekey Program
10. Acquire One Property in the City of Commerce Through the Homekey Program
11. Naming of the Entrance Plaza at the New Natural History Museum Commons Project the “Mark Ridley-Thomas Entrance Plaza”
12. Staff and Funding for the 2021 Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission
13. Proclaiming “Small Business Saturday”
14. Second Supplemental Spending Plan of the CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund
15. Narrowing Disparities Through the Launch of Mobile and In-Home COVID-19 Testing Programs
16. Extend the Reward Offer in the Investigation of Murder Victim Enrique Sebastian Falcon
17. Authorizing a Lease for the Creek at Dominguez Hills Project in Carson
18. Authorizing a Resolution of Intent to Enter into the Carson Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District
19. Youth Justice Reimagined: A New Model for Youth Justice in Los Angeles County
20. Including Juvenile Data in Los Angeles County’s Criminal Justice Data Sharing Initiative
21. Expanding the Alternate Destination Program
22. Conflict of Interest Codes
23. Report on the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority’s Rehousing Services System
24. Countywide Classification Actions
25. Notice and Acknowledgement of the Random Drawing to Select the First Eight Commissioners for the County of Los Angeles Citizens Redistricting Commission
26. Urgency Ordinance Amending County Code, Title 11 - Health and Safety
27. Vacate and Set Aside Approval of Project No. R2015-01232-(2) in the Unincorporated Community of Ladera Heights/View Park-Windsor Hills
28. Report on the Financial Status of the Department of Health Services
29. Acuity, Scheduling and Time System and Related Services Agreements
30. Cost Accounting and Decision Support Services Agreement
31. Electrostatic Disinfection and Sanitation Services Purchase Order
32. Exceed Incidental Expenses for Official Functions and Meetings
33. Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Campus Behavioral Health Center Renovation Project Construction Contract
34. Report by the Inspector General on Reforms and Oversight Efforts
35. Carry Concealed Weapon License Application Fee Amendment
36. Urgency Ordinance Amending County Code, Title 11 - Health and Safety Amendment
37. California Resources Petroleum Pipeline Franchise Amendment
38. Los Angeles Community College District Levying of Taxes
39-A. Fire Debris Removal Urgency Ordinance
39-B. Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station
39-C. 2020 Green Leadership Awards Program
39-D. Submission of Grant Applications for the MacLaren Community Park Project and Authority to Negotiate and Enter into Lease for Park Project
39-E. Exploring Options to Require the Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership & Mitigating Predatory Practices by Corporate Landlords
39-F. LA vs Hate “United Against Hate Week,” November 30 Through December 6, 2020
39-G. Extend the Reward Offer in the Investigation of the Murder of Corey Pickett
39-H. Reimagining Safety Health and Human Services for the County`s Children and Families
39-I. Countywide Coordination of Vaccine Distribution
39-J. Bobcat Fire and Lake Fire Debris Removal Emergency Ordinance
42. County Code, Title 2 - Administration Amendment
43. County Code, Title 6 - Salaries Amendment
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