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Agenda Items


S-1. Public Health Order
1-D. Adopt a Resolution and Authorize Actions Approving Issuance of Multifamily Housing Mortgage Revenue Bonds to Finance the Acquisition, Development and Construction of the 3rd and Dangler Apartments
2-D. Adopt a Resolution and Authorize Actions Approving Issuance of Multifamily Housing Mortgage Revenue Bonds to Finance the Acquisition and Rehabilitation of Cantamar Villas
3-D. Los Angeles County Development Authority Meeting Minutes for March 2021
1-P. Garnier Building Expansion for Chinese American Museum - Phase 1 Project
1. Hearing on the Annexation and Levying of Assessments for County Lighting Districts in the Unincorporated Areas of Avocado Heights, Castaic, Charter Oak and Hacienda Heights
2. Hearing on the Annual Levying of Assessments for County Lighting Districts for Fiscal Year 2021-22
3. Hearing on the Annual Solid Waste Generation Service Charge Report, Fiscal Year 2021-22
4. Hearing on County Code, Title 2 - Administration Amendment
5. Hearing on County Code, Title 12 - Environmental Protection Amendment
6. Hearing on Transfer Deposits Between the Courthouse Construction Fund and Criminal Justice Facilities Temporary Construction Fund
7. Appointments to Commissions/Committees/Special Districts
8. Expanding Vaccine Access through Employee Paid Leave
9. Ensuring Continued Home Visitation, including Nurse Family Partnership and Healthy Families America Services to Vulnerable Families and Expectant and Parenting Youth in Foster Care
10. Continuing Legal Representation and Due Process Services for Immigrants
11. Parks After Dark Free Summer Concerts
12. Supporting the U.S. Citizenship Act
13. Removing Financial Burdens for Families: Providing Free Phone Calls and Eliminating Profits and Mark-Ups on Commissary Items in the LA County Jails and Juvenile Camps and Halls
14. Addressing Barriers to Build Accessory Dwelling Units in Los Angeles County
15. Supporting Unhoused Individuals in Filing Taxes and Collecting Stimulus Payments
16. Extend the Reward Offer in the Shooting Investigation of Gabriela De Haro Perez
17. Recognizing the Quality and Productivity Commission’s 40th Anniversary
18. Proclaiming May 2021 as “Older Adults Month” and May 18, 2021 as “Older Adults Day” in Los Angeles County
19. Increasing Transparency Through Access to Peace Officer Records
20. Establishing a Los Angeles County Poverty Alleviation Policy Agenda and Creating a Countywide Guaranteed Income Program
21. Recognizing Second District Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Honorees
22. Reestablish the Reward Offer in the Investigation of the Murder of William Fifita
23. Extend the Reward Offer in the Investigation of the Murder of Corey Pickett
24. Extend the Reward Offer in the Investigation of the Murder of Rodney Donaldson, Jr.
25. Implementing an Early Detection Rapid Response Plan to Protect County Trees
26. Addressing Deaths by Overdose Among People Experiencing Homelessness
27. Single-Use Foodware Accessories Upon Request Ordinance
28. Five-Signature Letter to Support House of Representatives (H.R.) 2287 (Pressley) and Senate (S.) 1172 (Markey), Freedom to Move Act
29. Hermosa Beach PRIDE Tower Painting
30. Broadband Motion
31. Los Angeles County’s Acceptance of a Grant from the California Health Facilities Financing Authority (CHFFA) for the Investment in the Mental Health Wellness Grant Program for Children and Youth
32. Establishing the Countywide Community Workforce Agreement
33. Declaration of Surplus Land for the Honor Ranch Development Project
34. Enterprise Office Communication Suite
35. Extend the Reward Offer in the Investigation of the Homicide Investigation of Salvador Esparza
36. Proclaiming “Batten Disease Awareness Month”
37. Conflict of Interest Codes
38. Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes for March 2021
39. Report on the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority’s Rehousing Services System
40. Report on the Financial Status of the Sheriff’s Department Fiscal Year 2017-18 Budget
41. Conveyance of Surplus Property
42. Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program Grant and Loan Application
43. Vacate and Set Aside Approval of Project No. R2015-00408-(5) in the Unincorporated Community of Castaic
44. Report on the Financial Status of the Department of Health Services
45. Execution of Future Agreements and/or Memoranda of Understanding with Various Governmental Entities and Other Institutions that Allow for Collaboration on Mental Health Activities
46. Obregon Park and Rimgrove Park Americans with Disabilities Act Emergency Shelter Refurbishment Projects Construction Contract
47. Bridge Preventive Maintenance Program Group 9 Project Construction Contract
48. Helitanker Lease Sole Source Agreement
49. Acquisition of Ten Quint Aerial Apparatus, Six All-Wheel Drive Wildland Pumper Apparatus, Eleven Pumper Apparatus, Four Water Tender Trucks and 12 Paramedic Rescue Squads
50. Report by the Inspector General on Reforms and Oversight Efforts
51. School Resource Deputy Program School Law Enforcement Services Agreement Amendment
52. County Code, Title 8 - Consumer Protection, Business and Wage Regulations Amendment
53. Los Angeles Unified School District Levying of Taxes
54. Mountain View School District Levying of Taxes
55. Mountain View School District Levying of Taxes
56. Pasadena Unified School District Levying of Taxes
57-A. National Tap Dance Day Parking Fee Waiver
57-B. Recognizing “Memorial Day 2021”
57-C. Developing a Guaranteed Basic Income Pilot Program in Los Angeles County
57-D. Proclaiming A Day of Reflection on the 40-Year Anniversary of First Reported Cases of HIV/AIDS by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and a Day to Reaffirm Los Angeles County’s Commitment to End the HIV Epidemic
57-E. Jail Population Review Council’s Data Dashboard
57-F. Firework Danger and Safety
57-G. Mitigating Public Safety Power Shutoffs - Motion for Party Status
57-H. Reestablish and Increase the Reward Offer in the Suspicious Disappearance of Gloria Huerta
60. County Code, Title 12 - Environmental Protection Amendment
61. Issuance and Sale of 2021-22 Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes
Public Comment 
BH-1.Report by CEO on Budget Issues
BH-2.Public Hearing on 2021-22 Recommended Budget
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