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Agenda Items


1. Appointments to Commissions/Committees/Special Districts
2. Proclaiming March 2024 as "National Social Work Month”
3. Investing in the Los Angeles County CareConnect Application
4. Fiscal Audit of the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority
5. Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Food Procurement
6. Run Malibu Half Marathon and 5K Fee Waiver
7. Realignment of 19 Project Budgets to Support Extension of Summer Swim Season at Los Angeles County Pools
8. Combating Racially Motivated Eminent Domain - County Support for Senate Bill 1050
9. Joint Powers Agreement with the Los Angeles Unified School District for Continued Use of Walnut Nature Park
10. Extend the Reward Offer in the Investigation of Murder Victim Robert Garcia
11. Extend the Reward Offer in the Investigation of the Murder of Eric Brown
12. Proclaiming February 29, 2024 as “Rare Disease Day” in Los Angeles County
13. Los Angeles County Holiday Events at The Music Center Fee Waiver
14. Peninsula Committee Children’s Hospital Fee Waiver
15. Addressing Fire Insurance Challenges Impacting Homeowners
16. Report on Health Study, Mitigation Efforts and State and Federal Response to Chiquita Canyon Landfill Incident
17. Acton Historic Resources Survey
18. Owen Brown Gravesite Historic Landmark Nomination
19. Thank You for Your Service: Proclaiming March 2024 as “Veteran Women’s Month” and Improving Support for Veteran Women
20. Lunar New Year Reception Fee Waiver
21. Proclaiming February 2024 as “Heart Health Month” in Los Angeles County
22. Licensed Health Facility Process Engagement
23. Establish a Reward Offer in the Investigation of the Murder of Christopher Cantero
24. Establish a Reward Offer in the Vandalism and Theft of Metal at "Woodlawn Celestial Gardens"
25. Establish a Reward Offer in the Vandalism and Theft of Metal at "Lincoln Cemetery"
26. 2024 Kids Ocean Day Fee Waiver
27. 2024 Dragon Boat Festival in Marina del Rey Fee Waiver
28. Conflict of Interest Codes
29. Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes for December 2023
30. Fiscal Year 2023-24 Various Budget Units Appropriation Adjustments
31. Strategic Planning and Related Consulting Services Master Agreement
32. Probation Department Lease Agreement
33. 2021 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Memorandum of Understanding
34. Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program Grant Agreement
35. Countywide Classification/Compensation Actions
36. Community Based Organizations Providing Services for Youth in Probation and Community Settings Retroactive Contract Amendments
37. Community Based Organizations Providing Services for Youth in Probation, Foster Care and Community Settings Retroactive Sole Source Contract Amendments
38. Findings and Conditions for Project No. 2017-003465-(3)
39. On-Call Architectural/Engineering and Support Services Agreements
40. Radiology Equipment Sole Source Acquisition
41. Compromise Offer of Settlement
42. 24-Hour Residential Treatment Program Contract
43. Tobacco Control and Prevention Program Media Services Master Agreement Amendment
44. Home Visitation Program Services Contract Amendments
45. Core HIV Care Services Sole Source Contract Amendments
46. Core HIV Care Services Sole Source Contract Amendments
47. Core HIV Care Services Sole Source Contract Amendments
48. Core HIV Care Services Sole Source Contract Amendments
49. State Water Resources Control Board Beach Monitoring and Public Notification Services Grant Funds Resolution
50. As-Needed On-Site Veterinary Services Contract
51. Parcel 125R - Marina City Club Second Amended and Restated Ground Lease
52. Century Restorative Care Village Project Multifamily Housing Development Option to Lease Agreement
53. Belvedere Park Walking Path, Mona Park Walking Patch and Breezeway, and Roosevelt Park Walking Patch Improvements Projects
54. Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park Restroom Restoration and the Veterans Memorial Community Regional Park Paving Repair Capital Projects
55. Atlantic Avenue Acquisition and Planning Project Grant Applications
56. Aircraft Fueling Concession Services Contracts
57. Lynwood Library Refurbishment Project Construction Contract
58. Palmdale Boulevard and 40th Street East and 10th Street West Improvement Project Cooperative Agreements
59. Annual and On-Call Soft-Bottom Channel Facility Clearing Services Contract
60. Geographic Information System - Centric Enterprise Asset Management System Services Contract
61. Annexation and Levying of Assessments for County Lighting Districts in the Unincorporated Area of Los Nietos
62. Cogswell Dam Inlet - Outlet Works Rehabilitation Project Phase 2 Construction Contract
63. Whittier Narrows Dam Safety Modification Project Utility Relocation Agreement and Added Work Memorandum of Agreement
64. Devil's Gate Reservoir Annual Cleanout '24 and '25 Project Construction Contract
65. Victim Claims Mobile Services Project
66. Report on the Implementation of the California Public Safety Realignment Act
67. Report on the County’s Role in Pre-Arraignment Release Protocols
68. Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Agreement
69. County Code, Title 3 - Advisory Commissions and Committees Amendment
70. County Code, Title 3 - Advisory Commissions and Committees Amendment
71. County Code, Title 8 - Consumer Protection, Business and Wage Regulations Amendment
72. Settlement of the Matter Entitled, Julio C. Blandon Alvarado v. Los Angeles County, et al.
73. Settlement of the Matter Entitled, Sara Hough v. County of Los Angeles
74. Settlement of the Matter Entitled, Niani Shabazz, et al. v. County of Los Angeles, et al.
75. City of Bradbury Election
79. County Code, Title 6 - Salaries Amendment
80. Temporary Reinstatement of Retired County Employee
1-D. Acceptance of Funds from the State of California for Community Services Unlimited and Butterfly’s Haven
2-D. Century Restorative Care Village Project Lease Agreement for Multifamily Housing Development
3-D. Los Angeles County Development Authority Meeting Minutes for December 2023
1-P. Baldwin Lake Historic Wall Rehabilitation Project Excess Funds Grant
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