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Agenda Items


1. Appointments to Commissions/Committees/Special Districts
2. Ensuring the Use of Least Restrictive Placements for Young People in the Probation Department’s Care and Custody
3. Continuing to Ensure an Equitable Post-Pandemic Recovery Through American Rescue Plan Investments
4. Celebrating Juneteenth at CicLAvia-South LA
5. Adopting a Global Plan for the Probation Department’s Halls and Camps
6. Care First, Jails Last: Holding the Probation Department Accountable and Advancing Youth Justice Reimagined
7. Los Angeles County Sponsor for Assembly Bill 67 Homeless Court Pilot Program
8. Assessing Infrastructure Needs for Lifeguard Electric Vehicles
9. Permanent Art Installation/Design in Support of Autism and Special Needs Awareness and Inclusion on the County’s Torrance Beach Lifeguard Tower
10. Proclaim the Month of April as “Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month”
11. Celebration 2023: Honoring the Academic Achievements of Foster Youth Fee Waiver
12. Developing a Community Reinvestment Spending Plan for Future County Cannabis Business Tax Revenue
13. Support for United States President Joseph R. Biden’s Executive Order on Reducing Gun Violence and Making Our Communities Safer
14. Award Consultant Services and Construction Manager at Risk Agreements for Puente Hills Regional Park Project
15. Dedicating Grand Park in Honor of Former Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina
16. Proclaiming “César E. Chávez Day” 2023
17. The Blue Ribbon Children's Festival Parking Fee Waiver
18. Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes for January 2023
19. Document Imaging Services Contract
20. Report on Board Established Priorities
21. Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program Grant Agreement
22. Countywide Classification/Compensation Actions
23. Findings and Conditions for Project No. 2017-005357-(3) Minor Coastal Development
24. Civil Service Rule 9 - Medical Standards for Employment
25. East San Gabriel Valley Office Interior Remodeling Project
26. Santa Fe Dam Maintenance Building Electrical System Replacement Project
27. March 7, 2023 City of Inglewood Council District 1 Runoff Election
28. Treasurer and Tax Collector Investment Policy
29. Los Angeles County Planning and Service Area 19 Area Agency on Aging 2023-24 Area Plan Update
30. Leadership Development Program
31. Tobacco Control and Prevention Program Memorandum of Understanding
32. Grant Award and Future Awards and/or Amendments
33. As-Needed Professional Design and Photography Services Master Agreements
34. Maintenance and Operation of Four County Equestrian Centers Agreement Amendments
35. Beverly Boulevard Traffic Signal Synchronization Program - Pomona Boulevard to Pickering Avenue Construction Contract
36. Olympic Boulevard Traffic Signal Synchronization Program Construction Contract
37. King Medical Center and Willowbrook Shuttle Services Contract
38. Hacienda Heights Community - Leticia Drive, Et al. Phase I Project
39. The Old Road Over Castaic Creek Project
40. Parcel 64GE related to Santa Monica Canyon Channel Grant of Easement
41. Sale of Parcel 42EXF related to Pickens Canyon Channel to Mr. Eduardo E. Ceberio and Ms. Alixca J. Soberantes-Ceberio
42. Construction for Bradbury Channel Repair, Et al.
43. General Plan and Housing Element Annual Progress Reports Calendar Year 2022
44. As-Needed Hazardous Materials Cleanup Services Contract
45. Report by the Inspector General on Reforms and Oversight Efforts
46. Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act and the Youthful Offender Block Grant
47. Diversion, Outreach, and Opportunities for Recovery (LA DOOR) Program Grant Award
48. Water Well Systems Maintenance Services Model Master Agreement
49. Psychological and/or Psychiatric Services Master Agreement
50. Carry Concealed Weapon License Application Fee Amendment
51. Settlement for Matter Entitled, Adriana Beltran v. County of Los Angeles, et al.
52. Settlement of the Matter Entitled, People of the State of California, Acting By and Through the Department of Transportation v. County of Los Angeles, et al.
53. City of Beverly Hills Election
54-A. Homelessness Prevention - Critical Tenant Protections
54-B. Condemning the Human Rights Violations Against the Uyghur People
54-C. Support Assembly Bill 1538 (Muratsuchi): Clean Energy Reliability Program
54-D. Support for Senate Bill 50 (Bradford): Vehicle Enforcement
54-E. Opposition of H.R. 204 (Rouzer): Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients Act
54-F. Electric Vehicle Acceleration Challenge
57. County Code, Title 2 - Administration Amendment
58. County Code, Title 5 - Personnel Amendment
59. County Code, Title 6 - Salaries Amendment
1-D. North East Trees’ Nueva Maravilla Community Greening Project
2-D. Funding and Environmental Documentation for Multifamily Affordable Housing Development
3-D. Los Angeles County Development Authority Meeting Minutes for January 2023
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