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Agenda Items


1. Appointments to Commissions/Committees/Special Districts
2. Report on Initiatives to Protect Los Angeles County Residents from Extreme Heat
3. Gender-Based Violence Prevention Initiative
4. A Comprehensive Approach to Reducing Single-Use Plastic in Los Angeles County
5. 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games Promotion and Educational Partnerships with LA County Library
6. 12135 Victory Boulevard Acquisition for Interim Housing for the Transgender/Nonbinary Community in North Hollywood
7. Ocean Front Walk Safety Ambassador Parking Fee Waiver 2024
8. Addressing Accessibility and Inclusion at Los Angeles County Parks
9. Speeding Up Youth Movement Out of Los Padrinos
10. Accountability for Programming at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall
11. Supporting Breast/Chestfeeding in Los Angeles County
12. Establishing an Independent Ethics Commission
13. Developing a Countywide Strategy for Addressing Encampments After Grants Pass
14. Moving Forward: Removal of Barriers to Family Reunification in Los Angeles County and Providing Family Reunification and Maintenance Services and Programs in the Los Angeles County Jails for Incarcerated Parents
15. Heat Education and Alerts for TK-12 Schools, Early Care and Education Settings and Summer Camps
16. Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Chip Readiness: Preparing and Planning for Los Angeles County’s Transition to EBT Chip/Tap Technology
17. Safeguarding Older Adults from Scamming Practices and Financial Abuse
18. Ballot Transparency and Consistency: Providing Voters with a Fiscal and Programmatic Analysis on County Ballot Measures
19. Support for Assembly Bill 2319 (Wilson): California Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth Act
20. Department of Public Social Services Lease Agreement
21. Department of Aging and Disabilities Lease Agreement
22. Recommendation to Continue Proclaimed Local Emergencies
23. Implementation of Additional Sick Leave Accruals for Temporary and Recurrent Employees and Technical Corrections
24. Countywide Classification/Compensation Actions
25. Board Policy 3.205 - Pay Transparency Policy
26. Various LA County Library Restroom Refurbishment Projects
27. Franklin D. Roosevelt Park Tech Center Remodeling Project
28. Bob Hope Patriotic Hall Agreement
29. Refugee Employment and Acculturation Services Master Agreement
30. Donation of Surplus Properties to the Cities of Long Beach and Los Angeles
31. Community Engagement and Related Services to Support the Healthy Brain Initiative Master Agreement
32. Local Child Care and Development Planning Council Award
33. Tahiti Substation Southern California Edison Company Lease Amendment
34. Park Maintenance and Park Mowing Services Sole Source Contract Amendments
35. Aquatic Safety Program at the Boating Instruction and Safety Center Agreement Amendment
36. Fixed-Route Shuttle Services in the Communities of Avocado Heights, Bassett, West Valinda, East Valinda, Florence-Firestone/Walnut Park, and Baldwin Hills Services Contracts
37. Rowland Street Rehabilitation Project Cooperative Agreement
38. On-Call Engineering Design and Support Services Agreements
39. On-Call Building and Safety Inspection, Permit Technician, and Related Services Consultant Services Agreements
40. Los Angeles River Grant of Easements Parcels
41. Information Technology Infrastructure Fund for Governance Support and Enhancements to Electronic Permitting and Inspections - Los Angeles Agreement
42. Dispatch Console System Maintenance and Support Services Sole Source Contract
43. Testing, Review, and Inspection Services of Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems Contract
44. Report on the Implementation of the California Public Safety Realignment Act
45. Acom Dispatch Console System Maintenance and Support Services Sole Source Contract
46. School Supplemental Law Enforcement Services Agreement
47. Law Enforcement Dispatching and Communications Services Agreement
48. Special Appropriation Fund Transfer
49. County Code, Title 8 - Consumer Protection, Business and Wage Regulations Amendment
50. Settlement of the Matter Entitled, Juan Ponce, et al. v. County of Los Angeles, et al.
51. Settlement of the Matter Entitled, Natalie Reusch v. County of Los Angeles
52. Cerritos Community College District Election
53. Compton Community College District Election
54. Covina-Valley Unified School District Election
55. City of Cudahy Election
56. Culver City Unified School District Election
57. East Whittier City School District Election
58. El Monte City School District Election
59. El Rancho Unified School District Election
60. City of Glendora Election
61. Gorman Joint School District Election
62. Hermosa Beach City School District Election
63. City of Irwindale Election
64. Las Virgenes Municipal Water District Election
65. Mountain View School District Election
66. North Orange County Community College District Election
67. San Marino Unified School District Election
68. City of Santa Monica Election
69. Saugus Union School District Election
70. City of Signal Hill Election
71. ABC Unified School District Levying of Taxes
72. Castaic Union School District Levying of Taxes
73. Mt. San Antonio Community College District Levying of Taxes
74. Pomona Unified School District Levying of Taxes
75-A. Adopting the National Association of Counties’ Commission on Mental Health and Wellbeing Report
75-B. Data Capture and Clinical Documentation Improvement System and Related Services Agreement
78. County Codes, Title 5 - Personnel, and Title 6 - Salaries Ordinance Amendment
79. County Code, Title 6 - Salaries Ordinance Amendment
80. County Code, Charter Amendment
81. Employ a Retired County Employee on a Temporary Basis
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