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Agenda Items


S-1. Public Health Order
1-D. Temple City Library Project
2-D. Los Angeles County Development Authority Meeting Minutes for February 2021
1. Hearing on Annexation and Levying of Assessments for County Lighting Districts in the Unincorporated Areas of Azusa, West Whittier/Los Nietos, East La Mirada, Rowland Heights and Kinneloa Mesa
2. Hearing on the Proposed Vacation of an Alley in the Unincorporated Community of Whittier
3. Hearing on County Code, Title 2 - Administration Amendment
4. Hearing on County Code, Title 22 - Planning and Zoning, Leona Valley Community Standards District Update
5. Hearing on County Code, Title 22 - Planning and Zoning, Green Valley Community Standards District Update
6. Appointments to Commissions/Committees/Special Districts
7. Rebuilding Los Angeles County
8. Returning Bruce’s Beach to its Rightful Owners
9. Los Angeles County Sponsor Senate Bill (SB) 796 (Bradford)
10. Zero Emission Infrastructure Plan
11. Establishing the Aging Department
12. Pandemic Relief for School Facilities and Operations
13. National Crime Victims` Rights Week
14. Armenian Genocide Remembrance
15. Proclaiming May 2021 “Most Important Ever” Mental Health Awareness Month
16. Proclaiming “Armenian History Month”
17. Temple City Library Project
18. Establish the Reward Offer in the Homicide Investigation of Ernesto Jimenez
19. Reestablish the Reward Offer in the Investigation of the Suspicious Disappearance of Monique Figueroa
20. Proclaiming “NAMIWalks” in Los Angeles County
21. Creation of a “Care First, Jails Last” Capital Project Fund
22. Establishing the Los Angeles County Economic and Workforce Development Department
23. Countywide Cultural Policy Implementation
24. County Investments to Expand Equity and Economic Recovery Services
25. Mental Health Supports for Students as They Return for In-Person Learning
26. Support for Senate Bill (SB) 731 - Sunsetting Criminal Records
27. Proclaiming April 2021 as “National Volunteer Month” in Los Angeles County
28. Proclaiming “Essential Worker Day” and Recognizing Public Transit Workers
29. COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts Parking Fee Waiver
30. Leveraging the County’s Position as a Market Participant to Promote Equity in County Contracting
31. Sustaining Developing Opportunities and Offering Reentry Solutions (DOORS) Programs and Services
32. Implementing the California Supreme Court’s Humphrey Decision
33. Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association Election
34. Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes for February 2021
35. SEED Los Angeles School Agreements
36. Revised Board Policy Number 3.020, Clean Fuel - Sustainable Fleet
37. Report on the Health Agency’s Progress Serving as the Capital Improvements Intermediary
38. Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Campus Behavioral Health Center Renovation Project Construction Contract Change Orders
39. Final Map in the Unincorporated Community of Castaic
40. Sativa Water System Agreements
41. County Code, Title 2 - Administration Amendment
42. Bonita Unified School District Levying of Taxes
43-A. Successful Implementation of Family First Prevention Services Act
43-B. South High Surf Team Fee Waiver
43-C. Reevaluation of the 47 Board Approved Homeless Strategies
43-D. Support for House Resolution (H.R.) 2611 (Napolitano) - Increasing Behavioral Treatment Act
43-E. Establish a Reward Offer in the Investigation of Murder Victim Gerald “Miles” Purdue
43-F. Support of State Budget Proposal to Fund the Foreclosure Intervention Housing Preservation Program Implementing Senate Bill (SB) 1079
43-G. Employee Paid Leave for Expanded Vaccine Access
46. Fiscal Year 2021-22 Recommended Budget
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